Our Data


Data as a Flashlight

We believe that data is tool to be used as a flashlight, not a hammer. Data helps our partners identify the high-impact strategies that will strengthen our community. With the right information, our community is able to achieve better outcomes for every student, including students of color and economically disadvantages students and families.

Why Career to Cradle?

While many communities work from cradle to career, our work begins with the end in mind: a fully capable and employed Racine County workforce. To achieve this vision, we work backwards – from career to cradle – to ensure Racine County youth are prepared for success in life.


Data Dashboards

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An over-view of the Racine County community’s successes and areas for improvement.’

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The trends in unemployment and how they compare in different areas, by race and ethnicity, and for graduates.

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College Completion

The level of post-secondary education amount Racine County.

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College Enrollment

The number of RUSD students who enroll in any Post-Secondary program, UW-Parkside and Gateway Technical College.

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High School Graduation

The number of Racine County residents with high school degrees, and the graduation rates and college/career ready rates of RUSD students.

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Elementary Reading

The number of RUSD third graders who are reading at or above the national average.

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Kindergarten Readiness

The number of RUSD 4K students who are meeting literacy and social/emotional benchmarks by spring.

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