A Fully Employed and Capable Racine County

Our ultimate goal is to improve Racine County’s unemployment rate and increase the number of fully employed residents in Racine. When more people in a community are employed, the rising incomes increase spending. When spending in a community increases, there are positive spillover effects for education, health, and safety.


Our Work

To reach our goal of a fully employed Racine County workforce, we work with partners on the following initiatives:


Two generation INITIATIVE

UW-Parkside worked with us on a study of determinants of unemployment for Racine and found that single mothers often struggle to find employment.

Through our Two-Generation Initiative, we aim to examine what works best for parents and children when partners work together to impact employment, post-secondary attainment and kindergarten readiness outcomes, specifically identifying what factors and barriers affect economic mobility, employment and education for families in Racine.


Career pathways project

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) utilized local data from the Racine County labor force survey to identify high-value occupations and develop career informational sheets which identify the value of post-secondary education for the following career clusters: 1) Business  2) Education 3) Healthcare  4)  IT  5) Manufacturing.

CAEL is currently assessing what is working for employment initiatives around Racine, and what barriers still exist.


IT Network

In 2017, we brought key partners together around the need for skilled Information Technology (IT) employees within Racine County to create the IT Network. Two current initiatives from this network include: Start IT, a program that will teach the hard and soft skills that an IT career requires to a cohort of currently out-of-work young adults and Hour Of Code, an hour long exploratory coding program at RUSD elementary schools.


School Based Teaching Academy of Racine Residency program (STAR)

Higher Expectations is working with UW-Parkside and RUSD to address teacher pipeline issues in Racine with STAR. The STAR program is dedicated to attracting and retaining teachers to Racine Unified by designing, implementing, and sustaining a teacher residency program within the Racine Public School District. This program aims to provide alternative pathways to gaining a teaching license.


Employment Partners

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