Connecting the dots between school and career

Career exploration opportunities are a vital part of creating a capable and employed Racine County. By encouraging students to discover career pathways in high school, we help students connect the dots between school and career and increase their motivation to graduate. Additionally, students who have a better understanding of the working world can more easily envision themselves fitting successfully into that world, set realistic goals for themselves, and have greater confidence about their academics and their future.


Our Work

In collaboration with RUSD Academies of Racine and employer partners, we work to ensure Racine area high school students have the opportunity to engage meaningfully in career-exploration opportunities and start forging pathways to a successful academic and professional life. Using data to guide its work, we are building relationships with partners throughout Racine to ensure students graduate prepared to succeed in a 21st-century workforce. Some of these initiatives include:


See Your Future Expo

In October 2016, all 1,500 RUSD freshmen attended the SEE Your Future Expo where individuals spoke with students and provided hands-on presentations about career opportunities. Over 100 different career opportunities were presented to students by representatives from more than 40 local companies and organizations. The Expo is an annual event that is meant to inspire and inform students by connecting them with the business community as they prepare to choose their learning pathway within the Academies of Racine.


Youth Apprenticeships

Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program is designed for high school students who want to experience hands on learning at the work site in conjunction with classroom instruction. Annually, over 60 RUSD students participate in the Youth Apprenticeship program. Racine Unified School District, Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC) and Higher Expectations are working towards an annual goal of 300 Youth Apprenticeships.


Opportunities to Engage

The Opportunities to Engage are shared commitments that offer business and community members an opportunity to fully invest in public education and promote student learning that is relevant, marketable, and rewarding. The Academies of Racine, along with Higher Expectations, are actively enlisting professionals and community members to contribute time and talent through the Opportunities to Engage. These opportunities include guest speaking in a classroom, serving on an advisory council for a career pathway impact team, providing a work-based learning opportunity (i.e. internship or youth apprenticeship), and hosting a teacher externship.

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