RUSD Teachers Focus on Continuous Improvement in the Classroom


Increasing Student Success

Racine Unified School District and Higher Expectations have been working together to implement Continuous Improvement practices in RUSD schools.

The Continuous Improvement Model continuously uses data to drive understanding around what’s working in the classroom and enables students to use their own data to better understand what’s helping them learn and improve and what’s not. Teachers who have started these practices in their classrooms use data consistently to increase student achievement.

In March, a group of RUSD teachers and staff traveled to the School District of Menominee Falls to participate in their Symposium on Continuous Improvement. On April 11, those participants joined together to discuss what they learned and reflect on how they can continue to use these practices in their own classrooms.

Teachers and staff concluded the day-long community meeting with a commitment to expanding continuous improvement practices in their schools and classrooms. Participants felt invigorated and motivated by the opportunity to work together on continuous improvement practices and expressed excitement about bringing the model to RUSD’s students.

Recently, Higher Expectations and RUSD were featured on StriveTogether's blog for this important work. Read the Blog Post here.

Elizabeth Erickson