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What We Do:


Higher Expectations engages community partners, aligns efforts, and maximizes resources to promote excellence and equity in education and employment outcomes in Racine County.


career to cradle

While many communities work from cradle to career, our work begins with the end in mind: a fully capable and employed Racine County workforce. To achieve this vision, we work backwards – from  career  to cradle – to ensure Racine County youth are prepared for success in life.

Learn more about our five outcome areas Employment, College Enrollment and Completion, High School Graduation, Elementary Reading, and Kindergarten Readiness.


Data Dashboards

To support our focus on evidence-based decision making. Data helps our partners identify the high-impact strategies that will strengthen our community. Partner’s use this data as evidence to: make decisions in real time, improve and expand practices, life up and address disparities, and target resources to support what is working for Racine County

Take a closer look at our data dashboards.