Celebrating our 2018 Accomplishments


Discussing our 2018 Annual Report & What’s Next

Last week, on Friday November 1st, we gathered our partners and stakeholders to share the accomplishments of 2018 as presented in our 2018 annual report. We invited our partners to speak about how our partnerships have strengthened their initiatives and helped to bring change to the Racine County community. Below are a few stand-out quotes from the event:

“One of the unique capabilities that Higher Expectations has brought to our community is a new way to look at our data - to use it to identify and scale the high impact strategies that will improve outcomes for everyone in Racine County.

Higher Expectations looks at key data indicators from career to cradle - employment rates, post-secondary attainment and enrollment rates, high school graduation rates, third grade reading scores, and kindergarten readiness rates - to understand how well our community is supporting students and families.”

- Hope Otto, Director of Human Services for Racine County

“Higher Expectations partnered with me and other at Racine Unified to pilot Racine Early Intervention - a teacher professional development program focused on how best to teach reading and literacy. We know that school leadership expectations, student confidence in the classroom, and targeted interventions are major drivers of student achievement. As look at the results rolling in, they definitely reflect”

- Janelle Decker, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Racine Unified

“Since I joined the Higher Expectations Leadership Table, the team has looked really intentionally at what it means to be a career to cradle initiative. The efforts to build career pathways aren’t just impacting adults in Racine County, they impact the whole family.

Earlier this year, Higher Expectations earned a grant to launch a two-generation initiative, one that focuses equally on the systems that impact a parent and their young children. I’d like to now invite Jeff back up to share with you all where Higher Expectations is going, and what this initiative means for our community.

- Chad Severson, CEO of InSinkErator

“In Racine County we have greater opportunities now than we have seen in decades. We have demonstrated that we can align our efforts, embrace proven best practices, and generate increasing support from national funders. We are in the national spot light. But no one can do this for us. We must do the work and we must do it together.”

- Jeff Neubauer, Executive Director of Higher Expectations

Elizabeth Erickson