Community Leaders Host Town Halls about Uplift 900


Uplifting Racine Career to Cradle

Higher Expectations vision of a fully capable and employed Racine County workforce is embodied in a new program within Racine County Human Services called Uplift 900. 

The main mission of the Uplift 900 is to remove barriers individuals may have to employment, and some of those barriers can include trust and language. In order to reach these individuals, we have partnered with the Uplift 900 program to support their outreach events and a platform called which enables job-seekers to apply for careers, training programs, and educational opportunities based on their skills and the skills they need to develop to be prepared for jobs in our community.

This week, the County Executive and Racine Mayor hosted Town Halls at the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA, the Cesar Chavez Community Center, and the John Bryant Community Center to talk with Racine residents about the Uplift 900 program. 

During the meeting at the Chavez Center, County Executive Delagrave discussed the work of Higher Expectations for Racine County and how our focus on education at the elementary level to get children ready for kindergarten, improve reading and math in elementary school, and have high school students ready for life after school ties into the Uplift 900 program.

“Why is that important? Because the graduation rates of our high schools actually, as we found out through our data, directly derive from how many children are kindergarten-ready,” Delagrave said.

Read more about the town halls at the Journal Times.

Elizabeth Erickson